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Old Nerd Media
Creator/Consultant/Online Marketer
My name is Tony Thomas, owner of Old Nerd Media.

I am an Online Marketer, with a passion for video, who has been creating and producing videos on YouTube since 2006. I have also produced promotional videos for various clients and my own business, which includes script writing, shooting and editing, voice-over, streaming video, YouTube channel creation and management, and being Talent in front of the camera. I have worked as the Community Manager for SiteSell, Inc for eight years, where I managed their social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube). I also do social media marketing and affiliate marketing for my own business.

My software experience includes Hootsuite, SocialOomph, Sony Movie Studio Platinum HD, Camtasia, OBS, and XSplit Broadcaster, with a working experience of Photoshop Elements.

I've been part of social media marketing panels at Portland Community College, Silvania campus, teaching students about social media, video, and YouTube marketing, specifically. I've spoken on an Online News Association panel about Mobile Networking at OPB studios in Portland.

I have written for Travel Oregon.com and the now-defunked The Portlander.com


  1. 2008-2016
    Community Manager - SiteSell, Inc
    Worked part-time for SiteSell, Inc,, managing all of their social media networks, including producing videos for and managing their YouTube channel.
  2. 2006- Present
    Online Marketer, Video Creator, Consultant, Entrepreneur
    I freelance in video production, coaching and consulting, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, and virtual assistance for companies such as JK Virtual Office Resources, Monday Morning VA, and Courage Crafters.
  1. 1983-84
    Computer Career Institute
    Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Database, Basic programming. My first introduction into the world of computers on an academic platform. Graduated with honors and a GPA of 4.0
  1. Tony is an action-oriented social marketer who is the real deal. In a sea of wannabes and "fake it until you make it" marketers, Tony rises above with proven marketing strategies and a hard, results-oriented work ethic. On top of all of that, Tony demonstrates the highest standards of integrity and ethical marketing practices which are both rare in this day and age.


  2. As a part-time Instructor at Portland Community College in the Business Department, I believe in bringing in knowledgable guest speakers who can provide in depth information to my students. I have had the privilege of having Tony come to two of my Business Communications classes to teach students about his experience in Social Media, specifically with You Tube. He has given excellent advice and ideas to the students. He is humorous and insightful. The students have benefited tremendously from the information Tony brought to my classroom. I will definitely be asking him to come back again.


  3. Tony is the perfect combination of techno-geek (I mean that in the nicest way) and lay-person who can understand and execute your needs. I recommend him for anyone who needs help with graphics, web marketing, internet "stuff"!


  4. During the two years that I worked with Tony, I was consistently impressed with his attention to detail and reliability. Time and again we depended on Tony to handle important elements of launch campaigns and company sales, and he always delivered. More importantly, when asked to step up and provide creative material, as he was often asked to do for company videos, Tony always delivered. He excelled at being the 'voice' of our company in all of our multimedia.


  5. Tony's a skilled video creator and has a great presence on video. He's experienced in using various video producing techniques, from making whiteboard videos with VideoScribe to screen recording with Camtasia to doing interviews on platforms like Google Hangouts or Blab.